About Us

Our Company:

Hans Property Peru was founded by European entrepreneurs who have worked in these fields since 1998.  It is one of the first companies created to assist expatriates, international or local investors to find modern and elegant apartments, property or land, and commercial projects in the most prestigious residential or commercial areas of Lima and support them in a broad range of services.


Having been involved in these fields for 13 years has enabled us to build a broad network of friendly, professional and efficient contacts.  Buying, selling or renting involves a range of issues and transactions that become even more difficult when you do not know the local language or the area.  Therefore, it is paramount that you trust the people you are working with.  Because of this fundamental issue of trust we are proud to be continually working with embassies, schools, religious organizations, NGOs, multinational companies, investors and developers over these years.

Estate agents in Peru:

Our estate agents speak either English, Spanish, Chinese or Hindi.  They are all bi-lingual or tri-lingual so that we can support all your needs and communicate effectively with the range of landlords and clients that you may deal with in Peru.

Your needs:

We strive to secure the best deal possible for our clients by ensuring that we get the best price and also give insight into comparative properties.  There is a big variety of prices for the properties of similar size and quality. Our company policy is to show you the best properties according to your criteria; including the ones below and above the indicated budget so as to provide you with a full picture of the market and all the options available.  You must be happy and fully informed about the sale, purchase or lease you are entering into.